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Tungsten-rhenium wire
Tungsten-rhenium wire

Tungsten-rhenium wire: for the production of tungsten and rhenium thermocouples quick coupling head, sapphire generated tie lines, large laser electrodes are also used to make high-performance filament cathode tubes and the like. In 2005, the company developed a multi-purpose tungsten-rhenium alloy wire by the National Science and Technology as national key new products.
The melting point of tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire: For 3120-3360 ℃, can use up to 3000 ℃, it is the most refractory metal thermocouples. It has a good linear relationship between the temperature of a force, reliable thermal stability, low cost advantages. And display instrument can directly measure the temperature currently measured temperatures above 1600 ℃, the use of non-contact method, however, the error of the method is large, as with the contact rule can accurately measure the true temperature. In the high temperature thermocouple, precious metal thermocouples (platinum and rhodium thermocouple) is expensive and the maximum temperature only below 1800 ℃, and tungsten-rhenium thermocouples not only the high temperature limit, and good stability, therefore, tungsten rhenium thermocouples in metallurgy, building materials, aerospace, aviation and nuclear industries have been widely used. Its maximum use temperature can reach 2800 ℃, but when higher than 2300 ℃, the data dispersion. And tungsten-rhenium thermocouples easily oxidized, in a vacuum, reducing, inert atmosphere, can be used in a range of 0 ~ 2300 ℃. Special protective tube tungsten-rhenium even long-term use may be an oxidizing atmosphere at 1600 ℃, which is more expensive than platinum and rhodium thermocouple is low, can not be used carbon-containing atmosphere (such as the use of hydrocarbon-containing atmosphere at a temperature of more than 1200 ℃ that is subject to corrosion). Tungsten or tungsten rhenium easy atmosphere in the carbon to form stable carbides, resulting in reduced sensitivity and cause brittle fracture, in the presence of hydrogen, accelerated carbonation. Companies specializing in the production of tungsten-rhenium thermocouples antioxidant, ideal temperature range of 0 ~ 1500 ℃, its structure is double or triple (not used) protective tube outer protective tube double pipe structure protection for the special pure alumina tube, protective tube of molybdenum silicide, the three outer protective casing pipe is recrystallized silicon carbide tube or exceptionally pure alumina tube, an intermediate tube and the inner protective tube and the same double-tube type, tube filler for the high temperature insulation material (in 1800 ℃ the following long-term use), vacuumed and cold end seal (sealant long-term use in the following 300 ℃), ensure that the inner tube without residual oxygen, the product is suitable for vacuum, reducing inert gas is used (0 ~ 1650 ℃) , an oxidizing atmosphere temperature is over 0 ~ 1500 ℃. Time constant: ≥180 s
First, product standards:
1, JB / T9496-99 tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire.
2, JB / T9497-99 tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire and indexing table (equivalent to US ASTME696-84) standards.
3, JJG576-88 work tungsten rhenium thermocouple calibration procedures.
4, JB / T5401-91 quickly measure the temperature of molten steel with tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire.
5, JB / T5402-91 quickly measure the temperature of molten steel with tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire, thermal EMF test methods.
Second, the product name and sub-degree:
1, Name: 3- tungsten-rhenium tungsten rhenium 25; tungsten-rhenium tungsten rhenium 5- 26.
2, index number: WRe3- WRe25 (D type); WRe5- WRe26 (C type).
Third, the product grade, size, temperature range, tolerance:

Operating temperature range

General use of 1300 ~ 1700 ℃ temperature tolerance of 0.5% |t|
0 ~ 2300 ℃ Tolerance 1% |t|
Fourth, tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire insulation:
1, high purity alumina (AL2O3) can be used within 1800 ℃.
2, yttrium oxide (YO2) can be used within 2000 ℃.
3, beryllium oxide (BeO) can be within 2100 ℃ to use, but the high temperature steam toxic beryllium.
4, boron nitride () can be used within 2300 ℃.
Fifth, tungsten rhenium thermocouples outer protective tube
(L) silicon carbide tube (Sic) can be used at 1600 ℃ or less oxidizing atmosphere.
Using (2) molybdenum disilicide tube (Mosi2) air and some corrosive atmosphere of below 1600 ℃.
(3) High-purity alumina (AL2O3) can be used within 1800 ℃ vacuum.
(4) molybdenum tube (Mo) using the following at 2000 C in vacuum.
(5) tube tungsten (W) using the following 2300C in a vacuum.

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